Week 3 – diagnosis before starting a new week

Actually, my writing goals are achieved. I wrote everyday according to the suggested schedule of the book. But in the end of the second week, I was stuck in revising my abstract because my coauthor did not give me her feedback. So, I switched it with a task of summarizing a book, which I need to do anyway. I can say that a challenging part is to keep the schedule that is suggested by the book – especially, we write as coauthors.

In the beginning of this week, I have an appointment with my co-author, so it will make my writing schedule advance. My writing goal to publish an article is not clearly defined yet because I did not sort out what parts of my draft I have to revise. This weekend, I’m going to re-read my draft article in order to analyze what should be kept, modified, deleted, and reinforced. Overall, keeping writing everyday, at least 15 minutes, and settling priorities on each task are the most important lessons from the week 2.

When I will have finished all steps suggested in this book, I must feel more confident and I can make my own writing schedule more realistic. One positive lesson that I would like to mention is making one’s writing social. So, I showed my writings to my ESL professor and to a person who works for the  writing center. Both of them gave me feedbacks that are more encouraging than what I was expecting. This makes me feel good! If I continue to write and to make my writing social, I will not need any more an editor in the future. Becoming an independent writer is such an empowering event!

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